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USB Electric Bug and Mosquito Repeller Killer Light

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Are you being bothered by the annoying mosquitoes while you are trying to fall asleep at night? Or don't want to wake up only to find that those are some red spots on your skin. Stilling Is crazy driven by mosquitoes, flies and other insects? It's time to make yourself a mosquito killer! This is a mosquito with a beautiful and modern cover used curved design to improve the ultraviolet rays and LED lighting to reduce the mosquito which all contribute to better killing effects. It also works quite at night, so you would not be disturbed and can let you fully enjoy your sweet sleep.

How to use:

  1. In the bedroom, use mosquitoes to be turned on (at least three hours). Do not open until you sleep.
  2. It is better to use in an unmanned environment because people's body temperature and odor can attract mosquitoes and prevent that using effect.
  3. This product uses physical mosquito killing method, so mosquito killing can kill mosquitoes immediately.
  4. Check the mosquito storage box at least 24 hours later. We use physical mosquito killing. The mosquitoes die by air drying and drying out. Thus, the process takes a certain time. Do not open it often to escape the dead mosquitoes.
  5. For the first time, use it for more than 48 hours. Close the doors and windows during daytime use, and pull the curtains to ensure that it is used in a dark environment. Try to place at a height of about 1 meter above the ground. Do not open the lights / open doors and windows. Place it in the air outlet of the air conditioner or electric fan. When killing mosquitoes, switch other lights that the mosquito killer is the only light source.


  • Colour black.
  • White -Material: Plastic
  • Size: Ca. 19x13x13 cm.
  • Nominal Voltage: 5 V.
  • Nominal power: 5 W.
  • Serviceable Range: 20-40 ㎡.
  • Long-life service LED lighting with up to 40 square meters’ coverage to tempt the mosquito.
  • Environmental design, low consumption with 5 W power.
  • Strong suction that inhales the mosquito into the killer lamp. -Beautiful, simple and modern cover.
  • Note: don't place the lamp anywhere near, for yourself are more attracted to the mosquito than the lamp is.

Power Source: DC
Certification: CCC
Model Number: mosquito killer lamp, insect killer, mosquito killer lamp,Mata mosquito
Power: 5W
Voltage: 5V
Dimmable: No
Customized: Yes
Applicable Area: 20-40
Lifespan: 30000h
Material: ABS

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