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Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk Ergonomic Portable TV Bed Lap Desk Tray

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If you find yourself struggling to keep your laptop stable on your lap while relaxing on the bed or couch, or if you get bothered by the heat the computer generates, this Multi Desk an easy and inexpensive solution.

This folding Multi Desk is perfect for anyone who uses a laptop or needs a stable surface away from a table or desk. It has a sturdy and stable work surface that shields your lap from a laptop’s heat, can accommodate a wide range of laptops and if you work at a sit/stand desk, you need to be able to adjust the height of the screen to account for your sitting and standing postures. This desk is fully adjustable so you can tweak the laptop’s height and angle as needed to get the most comfortable possible. 

No need to spend hours every day hunched over a laptop at your desk,  Multi Desk stand can help fix your posture and reduce neck and arm pain.

Multi Desk helps you to create an ergonomic environment on-the-go for office work, school work, at a library, in a car, coffee shop.

Fully Adjustable Legs - Designed to provide you with full control and flexibility to place the laptop at your most comfortable position.  Simply hold the button on the joints, set it at your preferred angle to modify the table position, and release the button to lock it in place.

Large Work Surface - The will accommodate most laptops, notebooks, and tablets. The stand comes with anti-slip clips that slide onto the front lip and provide additional height to the lip to stop laptop sliding off.

Vented Design - It allows for steady airflow around your laptop to keep it cooler for longer. It helps to reduce the operating temperature by preventing heat buildup which will prolong your computer's life.

Multiple Uses - This ergonomic stand can be used to hold sound equipment, video projectors. Ideal for use as a book tray, standing desk, writing desk, tablet holder or even as a breakfast tray.

Healthy For Your Back - Designed to lift the height of laptops, this stand can minimize neck and pack pain whilst using personal computers on tables and desks. Adjust the height of the desk to position laptop screen at eye level to help fix your posture and reduce neck and arm pain.

Lightweight and Portable - Made from lightweight aluminum and durable plastic this desk was designed with portability in mind. It is quick and easy to set up and break down, can fold flat for easy storage and is light enough to carry around.

General Use: Commercial Furniture
Specific Use: Computer Desk
Type: School Furniture
Model Number: 23
Material: Metal
Metal Type: Aluminum
Style: Laptop Desk
Folded: Yes
Size: 42*28cm
Is Adjusted: yes
Pattern: vented
Place Of Origin: China
With Rollers: No
Scene: bed and sofa
With Storage: No
With Cabinet: No
With Keyboard Shelf: No

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